Panshi Hundred Heroes Banquet was held in India, RockyPlay and RockySaaS continue global expansion strategy

Jan 18, 2020

On January 17, 2020, the annual Panshi Hundred Heroes Banquet was grandly held in India, one of Panshi Group’s global layout countries. The 100 best Panshi people dressed in traditional Indian costumes and went to the feast. Since 2018, Panshi began to move this group’s most solemn event abroad, hoping to encourage and inspire employees who have made outstanding contributions to the group through a feast. At the same time, it can enhance the vision of the group’s employees, so as to promote the global development of the group faster and better.

On the evening of the day, Panshi’s “Hundred People Banquet” officially opened at the Oberoi Resort Hotel in New Delhi. Tian Ning, Chairman of Panshi Group, delivered a toast. He sent greetings to 100 Panshi representatives at the banquet and proposed the group’s outlook in 2020 . The style of the Hundred People Banquet of Panshi has always been arrogant. The total value of the gifts this year is more than one million yuan. The most notable is a BMW car worth 400,000 yuan. More than halfway through the banquet, Tian announced the award of the year. In the end, the BMW was won by Audj, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a new climax.

Figure: Tian Ning (third from right) led the Panshi people to celebrate the Panshi Hundred People Banquet in New Delhi.

In 2019, with big data technology as its core, Panshi’s three businesses, RockySaaS, a global commercial SaaS ecosystem platform, RockyPlay, a global digital content distribution platform, and Gongxiaoshe, social e-commerce platform, did many things in once. Its annual revenue grew 280% year-on-year.

In 2020, Panshi will accelerate the pace of globalization. RockyPlay will continue to expand its presence in Southeast Asia, Africa, South Asia, Latin America and other countries. RockySaaS will also go global to help global SMEs undergo digital transformation. At the same time, Gongxiaoshe will establish a new global retail platform to help small entrepreneurs around the world become “super individuals”, enabling them to buy globally and sell globally.

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