LinkFusions Introduces a New Method of Multi Channel Marketing Aimed at Small Businesses

Aug 11, 2019

August 12, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - A Gilbert, Arizona company has introduced a concept that is designed to help small businesses overcome their many marketing challenges. The company’s name is LinkFusions and their website can be seen here at They have come up with a new method of multi-channel marketing that enables small businesses to accomplish many marketing goals in a cost-effective manner. This new multi-channel marketing concept has led to many small businesses being able to effectively advertise in ways that they once thought were out of reach for them.

LinkFusions spokesperson Ben Fatola elaborated on this further by saying, “Many small businesses feel the need to expand the number of advertising methods that they use. The problem is that they fear it will take a large sum of money to do that. We at LinkFusions have come up with a solution. Our new method of multi-channel marketing enables small business owners to try effective new advertising methods at a minimal cost. For just a nominal fee, small business owners can now use such proven advertising methods as email, text messaging, and interactive customized surveys.”

Fatola went on to add that by using their new method of multi-channel marketing, small businesses can now gain a competitive edge over rival small businesses. Their new method of multi-channel marketing is designed not only to attract new customers but also to help keep current customers happy at the same time. Hundreds of small businesses have already used this creative multi-channel marketing technique to their advantage. Many of them have even managed to increase their revenue by up to 190% when using it.

One of the company’s most successful marketing techniques is what is known as SMS or Text Message advertising. This works well because this type of advertising fits seamlessly into any marketing strategy. It’s also estimated that almost 100% of mobile phones have text messaging enabled and most text messages are opened within 15 minutes of a person receiving them. Statistics on immediacy like this are rarely experienced in any other form of marketing. LinkFusions has a YouTube video that can be seen here at that goes into more detail about how SMS marketing works.

Their new method of multi-channel marketing is all about businesses grabbing the attention of current and prospective customers. It gives small businesses the power to not only do text message advertising but to also be able to use such strong advertising methods as picture messaging, automated phone calls, and automated emails. Fatola indicated that this will help any small business promote their brand and get people to remember them.

Fatola also went on to point out some warning signs that indicate a small business is not marketing itself effectively. These include such things as a business that fails to retain clients, is not able to get new customers, and does not get repeat business. He also states that other poor marketing indicators include poor brand recognition, not keeping up with the competition, and a business owner that lacks the necessary amount of time to dedicate to marketing.

LinkFusions has several different multi-channel marketing plans that small businesses can choose from. Their least expensive plan is their sampler plan which starts out at $47.99. It gives small businesses the ability to broadcast by SMS messages and by phone calls. The company even provides the client with two different numbers to do this with. Also included are 5 customer keywords, a digital business card, and a way to manage customer contacts

Fatola said their most popular multi-channel marketing plan is their elite level plan. This includes many of the items that were found on the sampler plan but in much larger amounts. It also adds such things as the ability to send images, a call dashboard feature, and access to live support.

This webpage here at gives out details on how a new customer can even create their first marketing plan for free. It also tells how small business customers can fully automate many of the multi-channel marketing methods that a LinkFusions plan enables them to use.


For more information about LinkFusions, contact the company here:

Ben Fatola
2487 S Gilbert Rd Suite 299 Gilbert AZ, 85295

ReleaseID: 60030068

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