Nicaragua nationalizes fuel firm 2 days after US sanctions

Dec 14, 2019

Nicaragua has nationalized the assets of a fuel distribution company two days after Washington hit it with sanctions

Ukraine reverses nationalization of tycoon's bank

Apr 18, 2019

A Ukrainian court has ruled that the 2016 nationalization of a major bank owned by a powerful tycoon was illegal

Djibouti nationalizes majority shares in container terminal

Sep 10, 2018

Djibouti nationalizes majority shares in container terminal as dispute with DP World continues

As US pushes Tehran, Iran recalls American-backed 1953 coup

Aug 20, 2018

As US pushes Tehran by pulling out of nuclear deal, Iran recalls American-backed 1953 coup

German court ends trial of nationalized bank's ex-CEO

Sep 29, 2017

A German court has ended the trial of the former chief executive of Hypo Real Estate, a commercial property lender that was nationalized after it ran into trouble in 2008, in exchange for an 18,000-euro ($21,200) payment

UK's Corbyn says Labour is now the 'political mainstream'

Sep 27, 2017

Britain's left-wing opposition leader says the political center ground has shifted and his socialist ideas are "now the political mainstream."

France nationalizing shipyard amid Italian takeover interest

Jul 27, 2017

The French government is temporarily nationalizing the country's emblematic Saint-Nazaire shipyard to prevent an Italian company from taking it over at the end of the week

Spend more, tax the rich: UK's Labour stakes election turf

May 16, 2017

Britain's main opposition Labour Party is appealing to voters with promises to increase the minimum wage, boost public spending, nationalize key industries _ and pay for it all by raising taxes on high earners