Economic Policy

US gives exemptions to sanctions on Iran Revolutionary Guard

Apr 24, 2019

The Trump administration has carved out major exemptions to new sanctions on Iran's Revolutionary Guard amid fears they may hurt U.S. diplomatic and military cooperation with other countries

Wall Street keeps hitting records. What do investors do now?

Apr 24, 2019

You, me and the S&P: Understanding what the latest market high means for average investors

Iranian leaders defiant in face of Trump's move on sanctions

Apr 24, 2019

Iranian leaders defiant in wake of Trump's decision to impose sanctions on nations importing Iranian oil

Kim looks to Russia as sanctions bite North Korea's economy

Apr 24, 2019

After failing to get sanctions eased during Trump meeting, Kim Jong Un is traveling to Russia in a possible attempt to win Putin's help as US-led sanctions hurt North Korea's economy

Back to the same record, but it's a different stock market

Apr 23, 2019

The stock market went on a harrowing round trip the last seven months, but it may be in a healthier place because of it, analysts say

A Trump Fed choice steps aside, and another faces new doubts

Apr 22, 2019

Trump's efforts to reshape Fed stumble as Cain withdraws and Moore faces renewed doubts

US won't renew sanctions waivers for importing Iranian oil

Apr 22, 2019

The Trump administration is announcing that it will not renew sanctions waivers for five countries that import oil from Iran when those waivers expire on May 2

The Latest: Israel praises US decision on Iran oil sanctions

Apr 22, 2019

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is praising the Trump administration's decision to end sanction waivers for countries importing Iranian oil

AP sources: US to sanction nations for importing Iranian oil

Apr 22, 2019

AP sources: Trump administration poised to tell Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China and India that they will no longer be exempt from US sanctions if they continue to import oil from Iran

Commission: New NAFTA would deliver modest economic gains

Apr 18, 2019

Independent agency finds that Trump's NAFTA replacement would deliver only modest economic gains